Global climate change campaign

From January 15th – 20th

Global Climate Change Campaign

EarthLanka together with Young Greens and the Royal College Union have initiated a campaign to generate one hundred thousand suggestions and ideas for sustainable solution’s for climate change. It is hoped to present the findings of this campaign as input for the deliberations at the COP 16 Summit in 2010.
The official launch of this campaign will take place at the 2010 EDEX Expo Green Zone on the 16th of January 2010. The organizers invite those who are interested to visit their stall at the EDEX Expo 2010 which is taking place at the BMICH from the the 15th to the 17th and also in Kandy at the Queens Hotel on the 19th and 20th of January 2010.



  vathees wrote @

Stop Carbon Emissions

  Fazly wrote @

Stop killing endangered species

  Snjeev Gupta wrote @

The time has come for all of us to Recognize the need for doing climate change. we owe for future generations.

  R P N Karunarathne wrote @

we are facing severe climate change affects, Sea level rising is a major fact, we must protect our future generation

  Himal Hikkaduwa wrote @

pls use the green energy take solar power, wind power

  ‍H.M.M. Prasad wrote @

We should avoid the future disasters in this decade, Therefore we should unite against climate change

  Roshan Fernando wrote @

We should continue the life cycle of the environment & we should take only what we want from the environment.

  Karthikeyan wrote @

Hi Guys!
Good Work for Earth.
We’ll Support You.

  thilinee wrote @

way-to-go guys! Keep up the good work! Go GREEN!!!!

  Lucky wrote @

Wonderful job guys. Good to see that people actually care about the environment. Keep this up.

  A M Buddjika Roshani wrote @

Climate change is a problem throughout the world, Melting Glaciers, Environment pollution, Global warming etc. We should stand against climate change

  Damith Karunadhipaththi wrote @

This is nothing to do with politics, With the development of the country climate change will become a major problem, We should try to do something

  Ahamed Farhan wrote @

Let all of us get together to protect earth…. This is our. Let’s protect our future

  Palinda Madushanka wrote @

yo ppl!!!
keep up da gud wrk.

u guys r doin it gr8.
lets keep this going 4 a better future,

  Nilantha Jayaratne wrote @

let us all start on our on back yard to save our plant

  cdickson wrote @

The wastage management in computer related hardware is not concern in the country. We would like to get assistance towards this to implement in our country.

  Jagath wrote @

United nation Should Consider with more Industrialization countries for protect environment

  S.Thilini Seram wrote @

Have to control environment pollutions like by vehicle, Industries.
Need to give the Knowledge to School Students. because School age(Grade 9-13) is Changing mine age so they have good ideas and Comments.
can prohibited Polithine.
Best of luck for your Works


  Kumar wrote @

Reduce Profit Orient Indiscriminate Destruction or Natural Resources.

  Champa wrote @

People should try to minimizing pollution all over the World & nature to Sustain life on Earth.

  Tharindu wrote @

We are experiencing a severe change in the world, end of the world is coming, We should avoid it

  M A chandrarathne wrote @

lets plant more trees

  Anuruddha wrote @

Mass Scale reduction of pollution needed, need to decide more environment friendly decisions

  L Ananda Tilak Perea wrote @

Our country is an equatorial country, we are experiencing climate condition, Please launch a massive program to protect our land consist around the sea, That is the only solution, Protect our environment against the pollution, I love my country

  A.P.Fernando wrote @

To Project our global as a Employee. We can make Start to having R Concept.

It’s directly effect to help project

  M.J.M.Asist wrote @

We Must clean our Drainges and make a good breath for the people and we must put fine for them. And we should ask from people to make good surrounding

  R Mirunan wrote @

Have to introduce gas systems for all vehicles

  Mauran Manokavan wrote @

planting trees is the best way

  A Pavas wrote @

clean the wastage

  M Abiserck wrote @

Reduce polythene and plastic

  Nilanke wrote @

I think educating people about global climate change would be necessary in this matter.

  Ayeshan Mahendra wrote @

hmm ya it is a big issue nowadays ,isn’t it though we did’t think about it seriously.It can be a major problem to the world particularly for some country’s specially like moldves even though we are not seriously think about the climate change.We experience that normal rain fall pattern has change during last few years and some times we can feel that sun is more hotter than its use to be those are only few things about the climate change.But globally we can observe so many climate changes along with the global worming.So as a single person that step to avoid climate change is less but as a community i guess we can take some effective steps to prevent that climate change.But first the community should be aware about this global issue – Thanks

  Jonney wrote @

Day by Day changing our World. We able to Stop the Change via awarness Programmes

  Sathees wrote @

Government want to Introduce Some Taxes to Protect our world or Global

  A.M.Ansar wrote @

Our Global need Some Oxygen. So we all are want to Support to Keep Clean as a Paradise.

  Unmaitamilan wrote @

Global r going to face so many Problems soon if we not do anything

  Rukshani Udari wrote @

emission of CO2 from vehicles and factories should be reduced. we must grew more trees. polythene and plastic either should be recycle or should be destructed with out harming the world

  Ranil nanayakkara wrote @

to encourage 3rd world (poor nations) to grow trees and compensate them for carbon reduce.

  Dumindu Sumanawikrama wrote @

Improve and implement Green it concepts in sri lanka as soon as possible

  nalinda wikramathunga wrote @

stop carbon emitting.

  achini ranaweera wrote @

grow 5 trees for one tree that cut down.

  madura nimeshan wrote @

force japan to not to kill whales.

  suresh wrote @

with out digging earth for oil ,look for other natural free energy.

  hasini nimesha wrote @

gather all world country’s for common purpose, saving our planet.

  gamini thilakarathne wrote @

encouraging young people to grow trees

  s.manoharan wrote @

Educate the public, specially the youth from the level of primary that they will educate their parents and make them aware of what the issues are.

Practice simple things to conserve nature at home

let the mass media to reach public easily by having attractive programs and articles.

  S.Anojan wrote @

Hi, im Anojan from India. basically im Srilanka. wee all of us want to Develop our Country. sl government take some action

  Rajeem wrote @ Team please Suport North Side of Srilanka. There are no Trees. If u want to See, Go and watch A9 road. please Consider its

  Sujeewa Udayakani wrote @

please reduce plastic things

  Danston wrote @

Hi guys
good work,
always we are supporting you.
my best wishes

  Gayathri wrote @

pls our world going to die if we r no give any Solution.

  sahani thumi wrote @

earth cant stand up any more ,help our mother.

  Ashrifa wrote @

Climate Change is a Threat that grips Sri Lanka. I’m Glad that it is being recognised by the general public. Let us all unite to combat climate change in our small way. Let us unite in our cause.

Do join the Green Army in their Green walk on the 7th February 2010 in bambalapitya – Majestic City. at 9.00 am.

Keep the stones rolling. Lets hit as many as we can with the message of climate change

  revathy wrote @

ya guys global need some good Solutions.

  Surangi Perish wrote @

government should Introduce Some Tax against Bad Condition Industries.

  Ramanarayan wrote @

Hi all
I also agree with your Thinks.
we all are wants to work together.


  SIRIMAL J wrote @

Fantastic Information on Nature
Remarkable Contribution
Good Luck & Happy Green Life

Broadcast Journalist

  Missy wrote @


  sudarsha wrote @

Planting trees and renewable enegy resources can be a solution for a sustainability on climate change

  Malinda wrote @

Good work!
Yes, it’s the time to expose to the world that we confront major trouble with earth’s current climate condition and this conduce to decline of all kind of beings. I think before we do something, first we have to consciously about this, isn’t it?
Guys…. You can do lot of things for our home… EARTH.
Best of luck

  priyadharshani wrote @

Hi Friends,
We Have to control environment pollutions like by vehicle, Industries etc…

We Need to give Knowledge to School Students. because Children is our future…. We Can Change his mind.. .

Good work, Always I support All Of Them.
Best of luck for your’s Works


  nalaka wrote @

hi friends,

ur projet is very good…. best of luck all of them… i support all of time…


  amila wrote @


best of luck…..

  dulhan wrote @

hi gues,

grade work….. so quite…..

lol…. lol….



  Tharinda wrote @

cut down emissions

  Kangon wrote @

Hi guys…
Good work….
Proud to see our youngsters stepping up in this issue….
Best of luck all…..

  Sadhana wrote @

Woow.. you guys have put in alottt of effort.. congratulations.. I guess the humans can really impact earths ecology so lets start recycling, respecting and ensuring the green is protected.. all the best 

  Romenstain wrote @

Hey guy’s

This is really a good work. We all should think about the natural resources and have to care for it, otherwise this EARTH will be no_man land in another 100 years… i hope these kind of small process will be help full for a major awareness…


  Abisekan wrote @

Good work
global need some Solutions Immediately

  Dalextr wrote @

Think Green
Do Green
Go Green

  Ranil Wejesuriya wrote @

best of luck guys

  Rohaan wrote @

ya We Neeeeeeeed Greennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  Budini wrote @

Our Global will be empty in another 50 years
so need good solutions

  ලිහිණි wrote @

One earth
One breath
One life

protect our blue planet

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